Bernie Sanders in Kenner, Louisiana 26th July 2015

Bernie Sanders in Kenner, Louisiana 26th July 2015 (Video)Prasad Kannan

Bernie Sanders seems to do no wrong as crowds flock to see the Senator like a Rock star at the peak of his career.

CeasarDaily: Bernie Sanders in Kenner, Louisiana packing a crowd of above 5000 supporters in an ultra conservative red state like Louisiana is highly impressive to say the least, he proudly announced his 50 state strategy as he felt the democrats have given up on half the states in this country as being red states, hence he wants to change that and unite everyone no matter their divide, enthusiastic supporters flog the senator wherever he seems to campaign as his message seems to resonate with the anger and angst that average Americans feel towards the way Washington and the political establishment works, this video should be enough to scare the living hell out of all the others campaigning out there, as Bernie Sanders stands for authenticity and truth.

What is your opinion on Bernie Sanders? Would you vote for him in the democratic primary?

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Prasad Kannan

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  • Jim Allyn

    Would I vote for him in the Democratic primary? I would, and not only that, I WILL vote for him in the general election. I donate to Bernie Sanders’ campaign every month, I am having a Bernie Sanders volunteer at my house, and I promote Bernie Sanders at every opportunity. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will represent ALL the people, not just the rich and the corporations.

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