Bernie Sanders Shocking Popularity Online Revealed

Bernie Sanders Shocking Popularity Online Revealed
Bernie Sanders Shocking Popularity Online RevealedPrasad Kannan

His Voting History is also a big tipping point for many as it shows he says what he means , he talks the talk he mighty well will walk the walk!!! The man has been consistent throughout his political career which is very rare to find

CeasarDaily: Bernie Sanders Shocking Popularity Online Revealed, Bernie Sanders Has seen a Tsunami of support online that has presented itself in real life polling data and massive crowds for the Vermont Senator.

People in the mainstream media try and dismiss him off as a socialist, well hes a democratic socialist and the country when polled agrees with Bernie on almost all the issues, crazy right?

The level of untethered support he has gained can be attributed to his character, i know he is all about the issues but his authanticity comes when he is all about the issues and with his stand of no personal attacks against anyone, in a medium where personal attacks are rampant Bernie Sanders has gained a loyal online following,

When asked what makes them follow Bernie Sanders and his message Nicole Jovie Pierce says “I am drawn to Bernie because he truly represents people and has consistently for years. It is obvious he cares about the people of this country, not just the rich”
Another Distinguished Bernie Supporter Sandy Vanamburgh says “I am drawn to Bernie because he is not only honest, he stands for everything this country should be and is not, and he is willing to fight for it and not be brought out by the big corporations. Also he is his own man he will not have to do what the DNC wants him to do. This country needs a big change, it is being taken over by big corportions and the rich, both parites are doing it, the republicans more but I am afraid the democrats are getting there. Bernie is our only chance to change this around”
These arent an uninformed electorate they are well informed about the issues, they are real people being moved by Bernie Sanders, another one of his fans from Maryland Jason Shara says “I have been looking into the raging corruption in our federal government and revolving door policies and it frankly pisses me off that my taxes go to pay for it. I see our government as nothing more than racketeers pinching the American people for more and more and giving us less and less. Bernie is the first honest to goodness statesman that stands for the average American and flatly denounces the rampant greed and corruption that passes for our political process today. His message is clear to the 1%, you can’t have it all. He is the president we need.”
Holly Hamilton from Louisville, Kentucky says “I’m for Bernie Sanders because I believe he will bring a wave of reform. I know he has a lot to do, but I’m hoping under his guidance the country can shape up its legal, medical and pharmaceutical, political, race, and social justice issues” it is not just the economy that people want to be changed it is the entire political process that needs an overhaul

Another Berniemaniac Amber Woodrum from Columbus, Ohio says ” I fully support Bernie and everything he stands for. Not only does the hard working middle class deserve more than to live with the basic necessities, but we deserve to actively take part in “the American Dream.” Another big issue to me is climate change. America has had the technology to move away from oil for many years. We need someone who is going to make that a priority. We are destroying the earth and need a world leader that acknowledges that it is time to do something about that!”

And from a fellow Vermonter Laura Pratt “I have met Bernie a number of times and have followed his political agenda for several reasons. He is giving Americans a new hope that our voice can and will mean something if we stand together as one to take a stand on the inequality in this country…a vote is your voice. Vote Bernie 2016”

Climate Change seems to be a big campaign and social issue around the world and this intelligent young man from Kentucky David Vance feels the Bern “I am in my senior year studying renewable energy engineering. His stance on climate change really speaks to me as a young person who is enthusiastic about causing a shift in our energy production habits so that future generations can experience this wonderful earth in all its glory. I’m excited to lead “millenials” and be the change I want to see in the world. Vote Bernie 2016″

Sarah Ward from Ellington Ct seals the deal when it comes to the Independent swing in favor of Bernie Sanders “I have always been an Independent. I used to be right leaning (even met George W, I know I know). But after I earned my Masters degree in Mental Health, my political world was thrown upside down. I took a counseling job in an inner city clinic. I realized the idea of “people should just work harder” could only work if they could find work to begin with. I had wonderful clients who had to leave appointments early so to stand in line at the Salvation Army in hopes of getting something, even if it wasn’t what their kids wanted, to put under the Christmas tree. I saw clients forced to quit their jobs because their minuscule income made them ineligible for housing. I saw good people living in cars. I watched a young man die from brain cancer after having ignored symptoms for months because he didn’t have health insurance. I saw that same young man live and die in a state he didn’t want to be in because it did have insurance. I watched client after client incarcerated for non-violent crimes and get sicker and sicker because of it. And I came to realize that it was never really about giving handouts and people who didn’t “want to work”. It was about the reality that a massive portion of our population lives in hopelessness and despair while another, tiny percentage benefits from their suffering (the Walton’s). Bernie is the ONLY candidate willing to stand up to that and therefore I feel I have no choice but to support and fight for him. We need a revolution. We need #BernieSanders2016″

His Voting History is also a big tipping point for many as it shows he says what he means and as he talks the talk he mighty well will walk the walk and also mainly because the man has been consistent throughout his political career as described by this Bernie fan Anne Zou “Bernie Sanders is our only hope if we ever want to return to democracy. He recognizes the urgency with which the horrifying phenomenon of wealth/income inequality, systematic corruption, and oligarchy in the United States needs to be dealt with. His voting history demonstrates that he means what he says and that his primary motivation is to make America a better place for ordinary people. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, is an opportunist who changes her opinion and is hesitant to speak about her views or policies out of fear that she might say or do something wrong. She has been bought out by corporate superPACs just like every other presidential candidate (except perhaps Trump, who is his own superPAC). Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who truly represents the American people.”
The more Bernie is seen and known the better his Poll numbers raises even in deep red states which is best described by this wonderful post from Rob Byrd “I’m from Chattanooga Tennessee right in the red stained bible belt and yet I stand with Bernie! I remember seeing Bernie on Bill Maher several years back and he just seemed really sincere when it came to bettering the lives of Americans so I have followed him every time he was on television I just needed more and what I have found is he is a real man with real solutions to this country’s real problems! #WeNeedBernie #FeelTheBern#BernieSanders #BernBabyBern”

Finally to finish it all off with an icing on the cake this post seals the deal from Bob Havey “I’m from Burlington, Vermont and met Bernie just before his first term as Mayor of Burlington back in 1981 where Bernie went on to three more terms. He always made good on his promises and will make a great President. We now live in Columbus, Ohio and are spreading the word!”
He needs African American votes and Hispanic Votes as he is lacking heavily in that category, don’t rely on mainstream media to get your information, spread the word about Bernie.

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Prasad Kannan

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  • livefromTX

    He is not just popular online. He fills venues wherever he goes. Hillary has endorsements and the support of her Beltway cronies, but she doesn’t have any significant support among voters.

    • Yeah you are right, but it is truely frustrating when the mainstreem media ignore such a great man and the vast majority of the american people.

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