Bernie Sanders – Unfolding Story

Bernie Sanders – Unfolding Story
Bernie Sanders - Unfolding StoryPrasad Kannan

Bernie Sanders - Unfolding Story

CeasarDaily: Anyone following around this unfolding story — an AMERICAN story of revolution against absolute greed, power, and the rigging of the system to keep it — knows that this movement is spearheaded by one of the most kindhearted, energetic, consistent, and dedicated people to ever run the gauntlet for the Presidency. No, he does not go around to the Powerful asking for their money. Instead, Sanders rides coach from stop to stop to quite literally RALLY the American people and ask them to participate again in a process in which many have given up hope because we know the reality of why we are so voiceless in a corrupt system. He asks working people, your average Americans to chip in what they can. And we have responded in mass, setting records for donations that keep streaming in from men, women, students, veterans, nurses, first-time voters & first-time donors, and many more. Small donations by the millions, nearly outpacing his rivals who take large sums from (and thus are employed by) the Financial sector, Gas&Oil, the Pharmaceutical industry, etc. The sentiment has gone from “I like him, Bernie’s an honest man who simply can’t win” to the actuality that he IS winning. We’re waking up, and at an ever-increasing pace. We need a revolution, and working-class Americans know it whether they’re on the “Right,” “Left,” or somewhere in between. Time to work together and rally around an agenda that will make all of our lives better, time to unite America and end corruption in the government that should be working to produce the best quality of life for its citizens, not at the expense of the citizens for the short-term profits of the companies they currently represent. #FeelTheBern

Prasad Kannan

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