Bernie Sanders National Numbers Cross 32% Against Hillary

Bernie Sanders National Numbers Cross 32% Against Hillary
Bernie Sanders hits 32% in the National Poll against Hillary Prasad Kannan

Good news for berniemaniacs, The Senator from Vermont is onn a roll in the latest national poll thereby cementing his place as the brightest candidate this election season.

Now this is a new day in America, Little did any Status Quo Mainstream pundit ever acknowledge the emergence of the force of Mr.Sanders and that in itself is a testament of how out of touch the mainstream media is with the common joe, the latest national poll is as follows

Hillary Clinton 43%
Bernie Sanders 25%
Joe Biden 12%
Jim Webb 4%
Lincoln Chafee 1%
Other 5%
No Preference 11%
(from 531 respondents)

and the basic fact of Vice-President Joe Biden not getting his hat in the race affects the poll numbers even more significantly in favor of Bernie Sanders, a one on one match-up between Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton is as follows

Hillary Clinton 51%
Bernie Sanders 32%
Not sure 7%
I would not vote 9%
(531 respondents)

He has gone and crossed the 30% mark easily when it comes to a head onn match-up which is sure to raise alarm bells in the Hillary camp

What at times is the most frustrating part in terms of the coverage the mainstream media gives to a candidate with the growth pattern as strong as Senator Sanders is pathetic to say the least, the money in politics issues scares these big news corporations owning these news agencies which gets a sizable chunk of the political ads space come election season. As Bernie would say with passion “This is not what america is supposed to be about” and he truly does means it.

A common Mis-conception the entire media tries to brush under the rug is the fact that this Bernie phenomenon is something of a progressive movement exactly like how the tea-party had its day in the sun and still does have a say in domestic politics and national politics to this day , but to blandly compare the two is  actually not factually permeable, this is a phenomenon that needs coverage with a different perspective as it is clear from these poll numbers there is a growing base and a cross party support for Bernie Sanders purely on merit and his authenticity which any other movement or any other Presidential Candidate this election season running for the highest office does not have.

Will Bernie be the President America needs rather it deserves? Only time will tell.

Prasad Kannan

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  • Shaun Herndon

    Encouraging numbers !
    What source is the Poll taken from ?

  • #FeelTheBern

  • SeparationOfCorp&State

    Hell yeah Bernie!

  • Steve Bromberg

    Do you know how polls work? Yeah, Bernie has gone from 25% to 32%. Hillary, meanwhile, has gone from 43% to 51%. Now let’s give Bernie the entire 16 percent who are not sure or would not vote (the latter of which is silly, because we’re giving him the non-voters, but let’s keep playing …), and Bernie leaps to 49 percent! Woohoo!!!!! Only Hillary still has 51 percent. The magic number for any candidate in any race from any party is 50 percent. And please do not rip me as “anti-Bernie,” because I’m not. But realistically, this new poll is not good news if you’re a Bernie supporter. You need to see more than Bernie going up. You need to see Hillary going down, and it isn’t happening. Even in this poll, she went up 8 percent and Bernie went up 7 percent. It’s called math, people.

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