Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders

Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders
Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders Prasad Kannan

Here we go again!! Another targeted attack on Bernie Sanders.

CeasarDaily: Black Lives Matter Protesters Target Bernie Sanders Once Again,Black Lives Matter vs Bernie Sanders again after the protest that took place on Netroots nation event a couple of weeks ago, Now this confrontation is from Seattle, Full disclosure, i’m fully in support of the idea and the cause of the black lives matter protesters, which is to stop the discrimination, institutionalized racism and work towards a more open, racist free society, but what these protesters have done here is such a shame for the cause i believe in with all my heart, this is not how anyone should behave to get what they want, to protest the most progressive person running for the President of the United States who is openly against police brutality, who has made the black lives matter ideas behind his recent campaign speeches and TV appearances is still heckled this disrespectfully? I want to know who is the leader of this movement and have a talk, the cause is good but the way of execution wants me to get these protesters arrested immediately, just because these bad apples are arrested or because their tactic is dumb by shooting themselves in their own foot we as progressives shouldn’t stop fighting for equality for the entire population no matter the misconception that this group who are wrongly guided may want to believe, these protests are actually hurting their cause and they look and seem oblivious to this basic logic,

Black Lives Matter Lady Protester Before Getting On Stage

Black Lives Matter Lady Protester Before Getting On Stage

Could they be this counter-intuitive to their very cause? Actually i cant answer that without wondering, no one is this oblivious to basic facts, you don’t go after someone who is on your side, unless there is some other political motive to accomplish here, there needs to be journalists who do investigative reporting on why the Black Lives Matters Movement seem to target Bernie Sanders and the other democratic party candidates and leave out Hillary Clinton and the Republicans out of their hit list, As it is well known that their policies would by and large shatter an average black families house hold income or job,

Where is the outrage on the other side? What do they actually aim at accomplishing by hurting their allies? These basic questions need to be investigated and an answer needs to be derived as it was the policies of President Bill Clinton when he was in office had stricter prison sentences, the drug war that he strengthened has caused and proved to be catastrophic for the African American community at large,

Bernie Sanders and his wife calmly watch onn

Bernie Sanders and his wife calmly watch onn

Full disclosure again i’m not white, Can only a white person be racist? Ofcource not, is there frustration that black people are indiscriminately being targeted by police officers and the institutionalized racism that exists in the fabric of american society? Yes there is most definitely, there should be an urgent need to be address and be deal with these issues as quickly as possible, but with the attitude and the way in which these protests are done to alienate a person who is willing to go towards this same common goal is highly sad and counterproductive to say the very least,

Was there some kind of political inclination at play from the establishment to derail the surge of Bernie Sanders? It isn’t far to assume as far as to make it a conspiracy theory.

Watch The Video From Courtesy KIRO 7 Eyewitness News YouTube channel:

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