Donald Trump Vs Bernie Sanders General Election?

Donald Trump Vs Bernie Sanders General Election?
Would it be fair to assume a Donald Trump Vs Bernie Sanders General Election?Prasad Kannan

Donald is here to stay!! Media are only boosting his numbers with attacks.

CeasarDaily: Well the most fascinating question this election season Is Donald Trump Going to Become The GOP Nominee? Well from the immediate exit poll that were conducted from Time and Drudge it is clear that Donald Trump has wiped the floor with the rest of the GOP candidates hands down, he hit upwards of 45% in most of the exit polls after the debate,

People are feeding of his raw unfiltered content and extreme confidence, it piles on to the celebrity status of Donald Trump, the harder the media both in the right and left attack him the higher he raises in the poll, the only way for the media to discredit him is to no give him any coverage at all and hope he vanishes away, but as things stand right now, it is laughable to assume that Jeb Bush could even be considered as the Republican Nominee,

The funny difference between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump is that Bernie Sanders is the President We Need but Do Not Deserve and Donald Trump is the President We Do Not NEED but WE DESERVE.

Donald Trump is shining a mirror on the conservative principles that the Republicans have created over the years, i got to hand it to Trump for destroying Fox News among the conservative base the other night during the 1st GOP Debate, waiting for the 2nd GOP Debate is like waiting for the Star Wars movie, Exciting should be the mantra of these debates,

Another hypothetical that we are faced with on a regular basis is “when will Donald Trump fall out of this race?” well to be honest i guess he will become the GOP nominee with the kind of momentum and excitment that follows him with unlimited press for whatever he has to say makes this advantage Trump,

The 2nd Republican Debate Schedule is as Follows :

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
CNN/Salem Republican Debate
Aired On: CNN and Salem Radio (Press Release)
Location: Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA
Sponsors: Reagan Library Foundation, CNN, Salem Media Group
Moderators: Jake Tapper, Hugh Hewitt,
Rules: Split field into Segment B (top 10 candidates) and Segment A (remaining candidates getting at least 1% in polls) (Details)
Candidates: To be determined

This is shaping up to be an exciting election, with turmoil in the democratic party as well with the surge of Bernie Sanders who has captured the imagination of the democratic electorate,

Would it be fair to assume a Donald Trump Vs Bernie Sanders General Election? Comment your opinion below.

Prasad Kannan

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