Histogen HSC 2015 (Hair Stimulating Complex)

Histogen HSC 2015 (Hair Stimulating Complex)
Histogen's Elusive HSC (Hair Stimulating Complex) Prasad Kannan

The last we heard off from Histogen was from a October 22 2014 presentation where they hinted at Utilizing the Japanese relaxed clinical laws and an early release in the Asian market, Still waiting for an update...

CeasarDaily: Histogen hsc 2015  has given many a dream to hairloss sufferers worldwide was originally launched around late 2007,

Their Product’s Science is Explained as Follows:

“Histogen’s lead product application is Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC), which is a soluble formulation developed as an injectable for hair regrowth. The cell conditioned media that comprises HSC is produced by neonatal cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions of hypoxia (3-5% oxygen) and suspension. Under these conditions, the cells become multipotent and there is a significant upregulation of growth factors which have been shown to be important in hair viability. The proteins within HSC, including KGF, VEGF, and follistatin, are involved in signaling stem cells in the body, and have been shown to be key in hair formation and the stimulation of resting hair follicles. Follistatin in particular has been linked to hair follicle stem cell proliferation”

It was Promised that this magical Hair Growing formula would change the Hair Loss industry that is valued at over a Billion Dollars annually and was pitched as a potential cure and something to look forward to by the year 2015, well as you may know 2015 is half gone and there is practically not cure or a release date in sight, the forums in the hair-loss help community have literally given up hope on such treatment that had high potential to succeed, people a couple of years ago when Histogen was giving results from their initial clinical trials for safety like the image below where excited in saying they wouldn’t mind saving a hell lot of money to get this treatment even if it meant travelling to the other corner of the world , an early Asia release seemed on the cards,

The day when one picture of a female trial subject that grew the hair on her temple was published there was an unimaginable buzz and hope for the future from this company as it provided hope.

Histogen trial for HSC picture

Histogen trial for HSC picture showing a female patient growing hair in her temple region

The last we heard off from Histogen was from a October 22 2014 presentation where they hinted at Utilizing the Japanese relaxed clinical laws and an early release in the Asian market, again was fabulous news!!

After this presentation there has been no word yet on the start of the impending final phase of the clinical trial, People in forums speculated they were having investor issues and the results that they seemed to be getting were not breakthrough was one logical conclusion that seemed plausible.

The science is there for  HSC to work, as millions of hair loss sufferers wonder when their plight will be cured, A magical voice always gives unwarranted optimism to the young more than the old who have heard this voice a million times but still find the courage to be atleast a little cautiously optimistic, the words never change the words are  “the cure will be found in 5 Years my son”.

The Company That Finds The Cure Will Become Richer Than Apple And Microsoft Combined and yet Dismal Interest is shown which is borderline dumb if not criminally negligent.

Tell me when you think the cure for hairloss will come? Comment your opinion below

Prasad Kannan

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