Is Bernie Sanders : Obama 2.0?

Is Bernie Sanders : Obama 2.0?
Is Bernie Sanders : Obama 2.0?Prasad Kannan

Bernie Sanders Continues to stand toe to toe with Hillary Clinton, as he continues to surge in the polls and support throughout the country.

CeasarDaily: Is Bernie Sanders : Obama 2.0? What To Expect From The 1st Democratic Debate? That’s what the political pundits don’t talk enough about, everyone including the republican party have concluded that the democratic primaries are a foregone conclusion, with the clock ticking the more the people have a look at the other candidates on the democratic side the favorability of the other contenders seems to increase exponentially, most noteworthy of the pack has to be Bernie Sanders, an outsider, actually he has been in politics for well over 3 decades but he still feels like an outsider because he actually is an outsider, the other night it was embarrassing to see Rand Paul give up on his principles when he was asked about his comments back in march that stated that the hawkish attitude from the men in his party were the reason for the disaster that is experienced in the middle east, he actually backtracked to an embarrassing extent that viewing it would make any libertarian cringe at the weakest most pathetic sight,

The difference now lies in contrast to the corporate money bag Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders who is the most principled person of the lot, Martin O’Malley also stands to benefit if there are more debates than the announced 6 by the DNC, is this a conspiracy by the DNC? to not wanting to elect Bernie Sanders or any other candidate? this just goes on to show how week a face Hillary Clinton actually is to be the face of the democratic party, the more people see the other candidate they actually seem to like them better, she is feeling the heat, she and her campaign will be calculating their next move carefully,

What are my Predictions for the 1st Debate that is to be conducted on October 13th 2015? Well this isn’t vudu or rocket science, the most likable candidate will do well with the general public because at the end of the day you have to be liked for people to vote for you and that candidate with the most likability is Bernie Sanders, So its clearly to his advantage, Hillary Clinton will be in the back foot but the media wont talk about the preview to the debates through this same vigor because no one in the establishment likes Bernie Sanders, that could work in favor of him as he can seem like a true outsider ready to tie his bootstraps and go to work on the crony capitalist corrupt politicians and the system that profits off of this broken arrangement, he would make the young millennial voters more enthusiastic to vote for him on voting day and that level of enthusiasm would be lacking on the Clinton bid for the white house. Come October we will see Obama 2.0 maybe even Obama 3.0 with all the fixes and real change wont just be a slogan such as “hope”, voters will be charged to get Bernie Sanders the democratic nominee once the debates start.

The Democratic Primary Debates Schedule are as Follows :


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