ISRO Makes India Proud Yet Again With the Launch of PSLV-C28

ISRO Makes India Proud Yet Again With the Launch of PSLV-C28
India's ISRO Rockets UK into Space Prasad Kannan

ISRO has proved its worth yet again, and Indian scientists at ISRO and the Scientific community at large are to thank for this amazing achievement yet again.

SRIHARIKOTA: With the launch of ISRO PSLV-C28 Satellite the heaviest Satellite India¬†has ever launched made the entire country proud and the world at large have taken into account India’s might in space technology and research. it was the 30th time PSLV has been launched and the 29th successful consecutive launch of this incredible indigenous vehicle,

What is noteworthy was now India has started earning foreign revenue with its space excellence with the launch of 5 UK satellites into space with this mission.

It is hard to imagine the level of growth India is achieving despite its plight,fights and tribulations hence kudos to the space research community at ISRO,

ISRO has always made average Indians look at space and science as something to aspire to become or in general be extremely proud off. This tipping point gets India into an elite zone where Indians future to the world community at large looks emphatic.

Prasad Kannan

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