NASA Puzzled by the Dark Spots from Pluto

NASA Puzzled by the Dark Spots from Pluto
NASA Puzzled by the Dark Spots from Pluto Prasad Kannan

The Scientists at NASA were Perplexed when the saw 4 dark spots on Pluto and couldn't Figure out what its made of or what has caused it

CeasarDaily: Scientists at NASA were left perplexed as the latest pictures from New Horizons has revealed 4 mysterious dark spots evenly placed across each other in a spacing of 300 miles each,

The scientist arent able to explain the cause and the reason for such an occurrence, they mighty well are left wondering what it could be as it couldn’t just be pointed as being a plain or a plateau or are they brightness variations on a completely smooth surface, it seems to be more nuanced and they will have to wait for more decades to follow since the flyby of New Horizons is on Tuesday 2.5 million miles away from earth which will take place at 3:49 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. And they well wont get any new revealing images of the dwarf planet in the mean time,

As Far as the scientific community is concerned they are one step closer but still tantalizingly far.

Prasad Kannan

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