Papanasam 2015 Movie Review

Papanasam 2015 Movie Review
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Highly Recommended

Papanasam 2015 Movie ReviewPrasad Kannan

Must Watch Thriller For Every Tamil Cinema Fan.

CeasarDaily: Kamal Hasan plays the role of Suyambulingam who is a very honest cable operator in the small town/village called Papanasam, his family and his love for cinema are very much all that he has in life, if there is one thing that he understands very well is that he is a self made man from nothing he had grown to have his own business, land, house and a beautiful family comprising of Gauthami as his wife and two beautiful daughter, the elder daughter played by Niveda Thomas who does a fantastic role in bringing to life the horror expected in sequences that demand such expressions.

papanasanam movie scene

Wonderful expression shown by the entire cast

The feud between a local police constable played by Kalabhavan Mani and Kamal is one of the highlights of the film, how well Kamal provides witty comebacks make for some real quality cinema,

The Family of 4 live a life of content even through the girls in the family want to shop and shop and Kamal could only watch as the Ladies in his life dent a hole in his purse,

Without giving the story away special mentions should be given to the Asha Sarath playing the character of IG Geetha Prabhakar is worthy of awards galore she perfectly portrays the anguish of a mother exasperated to find where her lost son has gone and the need to find out what had happened for him to disappear, she at times excels beyond what was expected, Special mention to the director of the film Jeethu Joseph, the casting and screenplay were spot on,

No need to give any introduction for the acting skill of Gautami she totally owns the role as Kamal’s wife perfectly, in short this is a wonderful movie, a cornerstone in Tamil Cinema, a family thriller that shouldn’t be missed and no excuses can be given in not seeing this treat of a movie.

In years to come this film will be looked at as a cult classic and more such films should be welcomed with an open heart and mind by the audience and fans of Tamil Cinema alike to Improve the films that we get on average.


Prasad Kannan

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  • Valla

    Good review Brother..;-)

  • Vanitha Shakthi

    great movie to watch :)

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