Richard Wolff On Bernie Sanders and Socialism

Richard Wolff On Bernie Sanders and Socialism Prasad Kannan

This is a must watch to understand the views and concepts on Socialism and Acknowledge its Usefulness in a Developed Economy such as the United States.

CeasarDaily: Richard Wolff On Bernie Sanders and Socialism, This is a good watch from the Laura Flanders Show as an esteemed Economist Richard Wolff explains the rise of Socialism in the United States, He also talks about how Bernie Sanders has filled a void in american politics that has filled a huge void in this country as there is no candidate left of the center and he just fills that space all for himself, He further goes on to explain the basic differences between capitalism and socialism, he talks further in detail which system would works better for the benefit of the community and hence the country as a whole.

Watch the video and do comment on your view if you feel this system of socialism is something that should how the united states should look at to attain a successful future.

Prasad Kannan

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