Truth Behind the feud with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

Truth Behind the feud with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump
Truth Behind the feud with Megyn Kelly and Donald TrumpPrasad Kannan

The focus group by the hack Frank Luntz on fox news after the debate is a joke.

CeasarDaily: So any average Joe would be scratching his head on the Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly feud, so here is my take on the Truth Behind the feud with Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump, Lets get a couple of things straight Did Megyn Kelly target Donald Trump with harsher questions? Ofcource Yes, He is right, he most definitely was attacked unequally in the debate along with Rand Paul,

The focus group by the hack Frank Luntz on fox news after the debate is a joke, there really was a concise effort by Fox News to target Donald Trump, political hackary at its finest, i may disagree with almost everything Donald Trump has to say but the fact remains that Fox News just cant stand the fact that they cannot control Donald Trump, He is switching things up and that really angers someone like Rupert Murdoch,

The response by Donald Trump after the debate can be looked as childish but bold, he just doesn’t care about the consequence and the hardcore republican right wing voters are loving every moment of this,

Fox News probably invented Political Correctness and he is now subjected to a question about what he said? Preposterous to say the least,

Donald Trump in his tweet last night clearly said about how Roger Ailes, the head of fox news had a phone conversation with trump and assured him that his channel will be fair in covering Donald Trump from now on, 

Fox News would rather prefer a Hillary Clinton in the White House than a Donald Trump as he seems to go against establishment, he is the establishment gone rogue,

The actual power of Donald Trump is actually astonishing to see, no one expected donald trump to go this far and from the looks of it it appears Donald Trump has a big chance of becoming the republican nominee.


Prasad Kannan

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